The Klostergut Paradies in 2018

GF celebrates 100 years of owning Klostergut Paradies

GF has owned the listed convent Klostergut Paradies in Schlatt, Thurgau, since 1918. At one time, the property was run as a farm to provide food for GF employees. With its stunning location on the banks of the Rhine, the convent building nowadays serves as a modern training center and attractive venue for special events. GF will be organizing a range of activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary in 2018.

Franziska Eggimann, Head of Iron Library and Corporate Archivist, and Yves Serra opening a photography exhibition, which tells the history of GF at the Klostergut Paradies. Anniversary event, 2018

Image movie Klostergut Paradies

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Interview with Daniel Vaterlaus, President Foundation Paradies

Daniel Vaterlaus, President Foundation Paradies, talks in an interview with the Swiss TV channel "Schaffhauser Fernsehen" about the history of the Klostergut Paradies and how the Schaffhausen based global company GF contributed to the developement of the former convent.

(Produced and published by Schaffhauser Fernsehen, 19 March 2018, Swissgerman only)

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