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The small stream in our Park. The small stream in our Park

A place of inspiration

Gain an insight into the region and activities of Klostergut Paradies.

Satisfied customers

Gabriela Herzog Zah

For many years I have been running the preparation course for retired people at Klostergut Paradies. I have made the experience that the participants always feel very comfortable there. For me personally, the good organisation of the team on site makes my work much easier. Furthermore, they react very flexibly and competently even in unplanned situations.

Roland Gröbli

I am at Klostergut Paradies about 1-3 times per month. I organize regular meetings there, for example for the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee. Often I am also simply a participant in training courses or similar events. Meetings in Paradise benefit from the fact that people know that they are now in Klostergut and not busy with three other things.

Britta Kaminsky

The Klostergut is a fantastic retreat where you can concentrate well during meetings in a beautiful environment. I hear again and again from guests that they appreciate the surroundings, the atmosphere and also a visit to the Iron Library. The historical relationship with GF, with the provision of supplies to employees after the First World War, is an exciting detail.

Edda Kempf

The highlight was my eightieth birthday, which we were allowed to celebrate in the Klostergut in the most wonderful weather. We were so wonderfully looked after and cared for and the staff was always in the right place at the right time. In memory of the beautiful celebration, at which the young and the old enjoyed it so much - the place, the food and the whole atmosphere were totally enthusiastic - we thank the Klostergut team once again very much.