The Rhine is on foot about 3 minutes away.

Port Services

The ferry and shipping at Paradies is managed by the seminar- and training center Klostergut Paradies.

1 Ferry

The ferry from Paradies to Büsingen (Germany) runs from April to the end of September. There is no ferry service outside these months. The ferry service is available Monday to Saturday from 11.45 AM to 6.30 PM on Sundays and public holidays from 9 AM to 6.30 PM. To get the attention of the ferryman please ring the bell at the bank. In case there is no reaction, please call the telephone number mentioned on the information board at the water's edge.

2 Excursions by Ship

You can book your boat tour all year around. There are four boats for up to 12 people available. Two of them have a canopy tops for trips in bad weather conditions. More boats, caterings and decoration for the boats are available on request. For rates, please check out our pricelist.

3 Mooring

There are mooring spaces available for different boat types at Paradies. However, currently we do not have available space.

We remove boats for the boat owners from stock to Rhine or reverse from Wednesday to Saturday on prior information. Please call us for an appointment. Boat owners take care of cleaning, maintenance and repair of their boats themselves.

4 General Conditions for Excursions

The excursions take place in all weather conditions except during flood, fog, storm and other conditions. The captain is allowed to cancel the tour spontaneous in case of quickly changing weather conditions.

Excursions can be cancelled as follows:
§  until 15 days prior the tour 50%
§  until 10 days prior the tour 80%
§  0 to 3 days prior the tour 100%

Insurance is a matter of the participants. We do not take any responsibility for lost items. Please take your ID or passport with you for tours crossing borders.