The Klostergut Paradies in 1974

In 1974 GF fills out the boundaries of the convent by purchasing the land along the Rhine, including the Kreuz Restaurant (now called Paradies). The total area increases from 50 to around 77 hectares.

The restaurant is remodeled, and leisure and sport facilities are built on the banks of the river, which according to the employee publication of the time (“GF intern”), were partly the fruit of voluntary work in employees’ leisure time.

Klostergut Paradies, 1946 (F. Baumann) Klostergut Paradies, 1946 (F. Baumann)

3 July, 1974

GF opens the new Training Center. It is equipped with state-of-the-art teaching aids (for the time), and “bears comparison with any similar facility in Switzerland or elsewhere” (GF Zeitung). GF invests around three million Swiss francs in the renovation work between 1973 and 1974. The expenses for setting up the Training Center add up to around 2.6 million Swiss francs.

Training Center Open Day, 1974 (H. Hasler) Training Center Open Day, 1974 (H. Hasler)